Current House Information

The 41st House of Community, Elegance, Mischief and Selfies

The Upper House

Imperial Title Imperial Name Email
Emperor 41 Damion DaBomb
Empress 41 Krystal Starr
Prince 39 Sluggo Sensation
Princess 39 Devious Harte
Grand Duke 31 Conrad Twist
Grand Duchess 31 Kia Ri

The Lower House

Name / Imperial Name Lower House Title
Shauna Starr  Queen Mother to the 41st Imperial House
Farrah Moan  Entertainer of the Year 37
Dion Boink  Emperor 41 1/2
Hellacious Acres  Empress 41 1/2
Sofonda Peters  Empress 41 1/2
Hell-On-Hells  Godmother and Confidant to the Emperor and Empress
Ruby Hymen  Scissor Sister of the QE2
Sister Visa DeKline  Love and Light Advisor to the 41st Imperial House
Tim and Floyd  Allies and Protectors of the Emperor and Empress
Jason Lyver  Community Man in Charge of the Big Red Ribbon
Steve Forrest  The Baron of Responsibility, and Keeper of Binders
Todd Canderan  Master of Coin
Marty Mojo  Imperial Brother to the Emperor
Backlot  Official Watering Hole of their Majesties
Shaun Fjaagesund  Viscount of Musical Sounds
Keon Brawn  Twisted Element: Official Dance Club of their Majesties
Allan Oen  Texas Lounge: The Tiny by Mighty Saloon of Family, Friends and Forgotten Nights
Parker Here  Arch Duke to the 41st Imperial House
Nikki Valentino  Arch Duchess to the 41st Imperial House
Mo B. Dick  Princet, Protector of the Realm
Duke Carson  Princet, Protector of Realm
Otis Show  Princet, Protector of Realm
Safyre Steele  Countess of  Everything Pink and Delicious
Electric Rains Social Club
Richard Winiarczyk  Dame of all things Electric
Natasha Brite  Electric Lady of the Night
Miss Cordella Shyne   Electric Lady of the Night
Miss Wanda Shyne   Electric Lady of the Night
Pinups for a Cause  The Keepers of Beauty, Elegance, and Glamour
Dallos Reid  Baroness of the Fuzzy Peach
Geoffry Case  The Baron of Mischief and Hashtags and Protector of the Bucca
Terry & Ken  Keepers of the Emperor’s Leather and Play Things
Dwayne Romanchuk  Viscount of the Brooms and Rocks
Jason Baker  Lord in Waiting to the 41st Imperial House
Dixie Licks / De Ray  Princet to the 41st imperial House
Roxy Riccochet  The Forever First Wife, Shady Lady, and Sister to the Empress
Jason Keddy  Earl of Poppers
Sara Goodliffe  Mystic to their Majesties, and Keeper of Secrets
Sonny Thaker  Grand Commander of the Written Word and Star of India
Argentina Hailey Santos  Imperial Two-Spirited Sister to the Emperor
Nina Tron  Personal Advisor and Confidant to the Emperor
Caprice Royale Personal Princess to the Emperor and Empress
Elan Hall  The First Self Made Selfie Queen,  Countess of the Boomerang
Tommy D Emperor 41 1/2